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Windswept "Fukinagashi"

A windswept bonsai tree.

The windswept or Fukinagashi style of bonsai trees is a dramatic and expressive form that simulates the effect of strong and constant wind on a tree. The trunk is usually slanted at an angle of 60 to 80 degrees, and the branches grow mostly on one side, opposite to the direction of the wind. The foliage is sparse and elongated, creating a sense of movement and tension. The roots are well developed on the side where the tree leans, to provide stability and balance. The windswept style can be applied to different species of bonsai trees, but it is more convincing with evergreens that have needle-like or small leaves, such as junipers, pines, or privets. The windswept style is not easy to achieve, as it requires careful pruning, wiring, and shaping to create a realistic and harmonious appearance.

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