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Cascade "Kengai"

A cascade style bonsai tree.

The cascade style of bonsai, also known as kengai in Japanese, is a dramatic and elegant form that mimics the natural shape of trees growing on cliffs or mountainsides. The trunk of the bonsai bends downwards, extending below the level of the pot, and the branches grow horizontally or slightly upwards. The cascade style represents the resilience and perseverance of trees that endure harsh conditions such as snow, wind, or landslides. The cascade style can be further divided into two types: cascading and semi-cascading. The cascading type has the apex of the tree below the base of the pot, while the semi-cascading type has the apex above or at the same level as the base of the pot. Both types require careful wiring, pruning, and potting to achieve a balanced and harmonious appearance.

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