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Twin-trunk "Sokan"

A twin-trunk bonsai tree.

The twin-trunk or sokan style of bonsai is a style that features two trunks growing from a single root base or nebari. The trunks may split immediately above the roots, or rise as one from the soil and then split after a few inches. The junction of the trunks at the base must be sharply V-shaped and not U-shaped. One of the trunks is dominant, being taller and thicker than the other, and both are clearly visible from the front. The smaller trunk must be no more than two thirds the height of the larger one. Together, they form a common crown, just as we see in nature. The branching from the two trunks should extend in different directions, avoiding crossing or overlapping. The twin-trunk style can create a sense of harmony and balance, as well as a dynamic composition. It can also suggest a story or a relationship between the two trunks, such as a mother-daughter or father-son pair. Any species of tree can be suitable for this style, but some common examples are Japanese maples, pines, olives, junipers, quince, and crab apples.

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