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Krohn Conservatory Bonsai #34 -Green Mound Dwarf Japanese Garden Juniper

Scientific Name:

  • Juniperus procumbens nana


  • Dwarf Japanese Garden Juniper

Variety Name

  • Green Mound

Type of Tree

Bonsai Style:

This Dwarf Japanese Garden Juniper was purchased from Frank’s Nursery in Cincinnati for $7.00.  It was originally styled by Ben Oki in 1984 and was donated to the Krohn Conservatory by Bonsai Society member John Carroll in 2002. 

It is a slant style.  The pot is Japanese, oval, unglazed, brown in color and is 2 inches deep.

Juniperus procumbens is a species of shrub in the cypress family, native to Japan. This low-growing evergreen conifer is closely related to the Chinese juniper and is sometimes treated as a variety of it.

The status of Juniperus procumbens as a wild plant is disputed. Some authorities treat it as endemic to high mountains on Kyūshū and a few other islands off southern Japan, while others consider it native to the coasts of southern Japan and the southern and western coasts of Korea.

Germination Year
1979 (Age: 45 years)
In Training Since
1984 (40 years)
Insect Control

 It can be susceptible to red spider mites and white fly. Treat with horticultural oil or malathion.