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The Japanese term "Hidarinagare" means "left flow" as it relates to bonsai. It is a term used to describe the direction of the trunk and branches of a bonsai tree that curve or lean to the left. It is the opposite of "Miginagare" which means "right flow". Hidarinagare and Miginagare are also known as "left movement" and "right movement" respectively.

Hidarinagare is one of the ways to classify bonsai trees based on their style or shape. It is a variation of the informal upright style (Moyogi), which is characterized by a trunk that bends and twists but still grows vertically. Hidarinagare and Miginagare are subcategories of Moyogi that indicate whether the trunk flows to the left or right .

Hidarinagare can create a sense of movement and dynamism in a bonsai tree, as well as balance and harmony. It can also reflect the natural conditions that influence the growth of trees, such as wind, sunlight, or gravity.

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