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Misho is the Japanese term for growing a bonsai tree from a seed. It is a very rewarding but also challenging process that requires patience and skill. Misho allows you to have full control over your bonsai tree from the beginning and to shape it according to your preference. However, it also takes a long time before you can start styling your bonsai tree, usually at least three years. Misho is suitable for beginners who want to learn the basics of bonsai cultivation and who are not in a hurry to see the results. To grow a bonsai tree from a seed, you need to obtain seeds from a normal tree, either by collecting them locally or by buying them online. You also need to stratify the seeds if they are not from your climate or season, which means simulating the cold period they need to germinate. Then you need to sow the seeds in a suitable soil mix and keep them moist and warm until they sprout. After that, you need to care for the seedlings by watering, fertilizing, pruning and repotting them regularly until they are ready for styling.

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