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Ikimichi is a term used in bonsai to refer to the trunk lifeline of certain coniferous trees, such as shimpaku (Sargent's juniper), tosho (Japanese needle juniper) and ichii (Japanese yew) . It is similar to mizusui, which means lifeline in Japanese. Ikimichi is a section of the trunk that has live bark and sapwood, while the rest of the trunk may be deadwood or jin . Ikimichi is important for the health and survival of the tree, as it allows water and nutrients to flow from the roots to the foliage. Ikimichi is also an aesthetic element in bonsai, as it creates contrast and interest in the trunk design.

Ikimichi is used in bonsai by preserving and enhancing its natural shape and position on the trunk. Sometimes, ikimichi may be created artificially by carving or stripping away some of the bark and wood, but this should be done carefully and sparingly to avoid harming the tree.

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