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Kanuma Soil

Kanuma soil is a type of soil that is mainly used for bonsai trees, especially those that prefer acidic conditions. It is derived from weathered volcanic pumice stone that is mined, processed and baked in the Kanuma region of Japan. Kanuma soil has the following characteristics: 

  • It is granular, clay-like and pale yellow in color. 
  • It is very porous, lightweight and rich in silicon dioxide. 
  • It has good water retention, drainage and aeration properties. 
  • It has a moderately acidic pH of around 5.5.

Kanuma soil is suitable for succulents that can tolerate or benefit from acidic soil, such as azaleas, camellias, gardenias and some cacti. However, it should not be used alone, but mixed with other components such as coarse sand, gravel and potting soil to provide a more balanced and stable medium for the succulents.

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