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Semi-cascade "Han-kengai"

A semi-cascade bonsai tree.

The semi-cascade "Han-kengai" bonsai style is a classic and popular style that mimics the natural shape of trees growing on cliffs or near water sources. The trunk of the tree grows upright for a short distance and then bends downwards over the side of the pot, but not below the base of the pot. The branches and foliage follow the direction of the trunk and create a harmonious and balanced composition. The semi-cascade style requires a deep and heavy pot to support the weight of the tree and prevent it from tipping over. The tree should be planted near the center of the pot for stability. The semi-cascade style can be achieved with various species of trees, but some of the most suitable ones are junipers, flowering cherries, willows, and some varieties of Ficus. The semi-cascade style is similar to the cascade style, but less extreme and easier to maintain.

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