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Katade-mochi (10 to 18 Inches, "Two-hand")

A katade-mochi sized bnonsai tree

The Katade-mochi "two-hand" size of bonsai trees is one of the most popular and versatile categories of bonsai. It refers to the trees that can be held with two hands, but are still small enough to be displayed on a table or a stand. The Katade-mochi size allows for a variety of styles and shapes, from formal upright to cascade, and from deciduous to evergreen. The Katade-mochi size also offers a balance between the aesthetic appeal and the maintenance requirements of bonsai, as they are easier to care for than smaller trees, but more affordable and transportable than larger ones.

Other trees in the collection that share this property:

This Ficus Retusa is an informal upright style.

The pot is small, rectangle, glazed and blue in color.

Ficus retusa is a species of evergreen woody plant in the fig genus, native to Asia and Australia. It is also known as the Taiwan Ficus, Indian laurel fig, or ginseng Ficus. It has a thick, pot-bellied trunk, glossy green leaves, and aerial roots that can form additional trunks. It is commonly grown as a bonsai tree, due to its ability to adapt to pruning and shaping.

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