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Informal Upright "moyogi" or "tachiki"

An informal upright bonsai tree.

The informal upright bonsai style, or moyogi, is a way of shaping a bonsai tree that resembles a natural tree that has been exposed to wind and other environmental factors. The trunk of the moyogi style is slightly bent and tapers toward the top, forming a gentle S-curve. The branches are distributed asymmetrically along the trunk, and they should extend from the outside of the curves, not the inside. The top of the tree should be aligned with the base of the trunk and face the viewer. The moyogi style is suitable for many species of bonsai trees, such as pine, maple, juniper, and conifer. It is one of the most popular and common styles in bonsai, and it can create an elegant and graceful appearance for the tree.

Other trees in the collection that share this property:

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