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Chiu or Chumono (16 to 36 Inches, "Two-hand")

A Chiu sized bonsai tree

The Chiu or Chumono size of bonsai trees is a sub-category of the medium bonsai range, measuring between 41 to 91 centimeters or 16 to 36 inches in height. This size classification is also known as two-handed bonsai, indicating the number of men required to handle one . Chiu or Chumono bonsai trees are popular among bonsai enthusiasts because they can display more character and clout than smaller bonsai, but are still manageable and portable compared to larger bonsai.

Other trees in the collection that share this property:

This northern white-cedar was field collected (yamadori) in northern Michigan.  The tree was purchased by the Krohn Conservatory in 2022 for the Fall Bonsai Show.  It has been in training since 2022.  The tree was styled by bonsai artist Jennifer Price during the 2022 Fall Bonsai Show.

It is a slanted, informal upright style.  The pot is rectangular, glazed, gold tone in color and is 5 inches deep.

This Japanese Yew was donated by longtime Bonsai Society member Dr. Aaron Perlman in 2010. 

It is in the informal upright style.  The pot is rectangular, unglazed, brown in color and is 5 inches deep.

Taxus cuspidata, the Japanese yew or spreading yew, is a member of the genus Taxus, native to Japan, Korea, northeast China and the extreme southeast of Russia.  They are relatively slow growing and can be very long-lived.  They are popular in public and home gardens.

This Taiwan Fig was donated by Bonsai Society member Mike Scheid in 2008.  For its initial styling, it was grown over two stakes. 

It is an informal upright style with aerial roots. The pot is large oval, glazed, blue in color and is 5 inches deep. 

Taiwan Fig is cultivated as an ornamental tree for planting in gardens, parks, and in containers as an indoor plant and bonsai specimen. In Southeast Asia, it is cultivated as a shade tree because of its dense foliage.  

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