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Krohn Conservatory Bonsai #5 - Umbrella Tree

Scientific Name:

  • Schefflera arboricola


  • Umbrella Tree

This umbrella tree was donated by Bonsai Society member Ken Moore in 1996.  It is a clump style with aerial roots from three trees.

The pot is oval, unglazed, brown in color and is 3 inches deep. 

The Schefflera genus is named in honor of Johann Peter Ernst von Scheffler (born in 1739,) physician and botanist of Gdańsk, and later of Warsaw, Poland.

It is a flowering plant in the family Araliaceae, native to Taiwan and Hainan Province, China, and Australia. Its common name is dwarf umbrella tree, as it resembles a smaller version of the umbrella tree, heptapleurum actinophyllum

Schefflera arboricola has larger leaves than other species. Perhaps the most fascinating thing about this plant is the fact that it acts as a natural air freshener and detoxifier.  

Germination Year
1993 (Age: 31 years)
In Training Since
1996 (28 years)
Acquired in
Insect Control

It can be susceptible to spider mites, mealy bugs, and aphids.  Treat with horticultural oil or malathion.