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Krohn Conservatory Bonsai #41 - Japanese Hornbeam

Scientific Name:

  • Carpinus japonica


  • Japanese Hornbeam

Type of Tree

This Japanese Hornbeam was imported from Japan by bonsai artist Jim Doyle of Nature’s Way Bonsai Nursery in 2005.  It has been in training since 2005.  The tree was acquired by the Krohn Conservatory in 2016 when it was donated by Bonsai Society member D. Brown.

It is an informal upright style. The pot is made by Sara Rayner and is round, unglazed, brown in color and is 5 inches deep.

Carpinus japonica, the Japanese hornbeam, is a hornbeam endemic to central and southern Japan but cultivated elsewhere as an ornamental.

It is a deciduous tree that can grow up to 49 feet tall.  The leaves are dark, glossy, and slender, with 20-24 pairs of parallel sunken veins; every third tooth is whisker-tipped.

Japanese Hornbeam is a low-maintenance tree and prefers partial shade to full shade. It will tolerate full sun. It is also tolerant of a wide range of soil types. This plant is propagated by seeds, softwood cuttings, or grafting.

Germination Year
1983 (Age: 40 years)
In Training Since
2005 (18 years)
Acquired in
Insect Control

It is insect resistant.