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Krohn Conservatory Bonsai #3 - Natal Plum

Scientific Name:

  • carissa grandiflora


  • Natal Plum

This Natal Plum was donated by longtime Bonsai Society members Mary and Joe Kayata in 1996.  It is semi-cascade style.

The pot is a hexagonal, two-tone brown orchid pot and is 12 inches deep.

Natal Plum is an easy-to-grow spiny evergreen, perennial shrub with dense leathery green leaves, fragrant white flowers and showy edible red fruits. It is typically small, at 5 to 7 feet tall, but can reach a height of 30 feet. It is a native plant of Kenya and South Africa but has been introduced to Florida, Texas, and parts of southeast Asia. Because of its stout, forked 1/2-inch-long spines it can be used as a hedge, security screen or foundation planting.  It can also be grown in a container that is brought indoors in the winter.  It is tolerant of salt spray.

A traditional food plant in Africa, this little-known fruit has potential to improve nutrition, boost food security, foster rural development and support sustainable land care. 

Germination Year
1986 (Age: 37 years)
In Training Since
1991 (32 years)
Acquired in
Insect Control

Natal Plums can be susceptible to mealy bugs and aphids.  Treat with horticultural oil or malathion.