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Krohn Conservatory Bonsai #14 - Taiwan Fig

Scientific Name:

  • Ficus retusa


  • Taiwan Fig

This Taiwan Fig was donated by Bonsai Society member Mike Scheid in 2008.  For its initial styling, it was grown over two stakes. 

It is an informal upright style with aerial roots. The pot is large oval, glazed, blue in color and is 5 inches deep. 

Taiwan Fig is cultivated as an ornamental tree for planting in gardens, parks, and in containers as an indoor plant and bonsai specimen. In Southeast Asia, it is cultivated as a shade tree because of its dense foliage.  

In Japan, the bark, the aerial roots and dried leaves are traditionally used against pain and fever, while in China the plant is traditionally used to treat the flu, malaria, bronchitis and rheumatism. It is also used in traditional medicine in India, Malaysia, China and Japan.

It is reported that pharmacological properties include antioxidant activities, antibacterial, anticarcinogen and anti-diabetic agents.

Germination Year
1987 (Age: 36 years)
In Training Since
1993 (30 years)
Acquired in
Insect Control

It can be susceptible to scale insects and thrips.  Treat with horticultural oil or malathion.